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Name:※ an asian entertainment meme community
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Hello and welcome!

✎ How does this even work?
Each rp meme post provides you with a certain theme or setting that you can toss your muse into. Others respond and the shenanigans commence! Just give it a try!

✎ Who can participate?
Roughly any muse that's part of the Asian Entertainment business. Which is a little vague, we know. This includes non-AU as well as AU muses, but isn't limited exclusively to them. Want to try out a character of an Asian drama or movie? Here's your chance! Or maybe a non-AU kind of muse - only their younger version from five years ago.

For now we are not open to Animanga or game characters. Let get people used to this place first!

Play nice!

✎ Common courtesy applies.
Don't be nasty. Respect your fellow players and their muses. Don't wank. Don't guilt anyone into replying. Have the guts to tell someone that their setting/muse/whatever it is wasn't what you're looking for instead of ignoring the comment. Play fair.

✎ This place is a neutral zone.
In other words: anything is possible. It's uber, it does not affect in game happenings, so don't bitch about unrealistic encounters and don't spoil other people's fun. Bashing and wank of any kind are absolutely not tolerated.

We also ask everyone to put up warnings when warnings are due, but there might still be themes that not everyone is comfortable with.

✎ No threadjacking.
You might have been waiting for a muse of this face for your entire life... but they only commented to another person! Or you're reading a comment thread between to people and it just screams for an interruption by a stray bandmate barging into the room out of nowhere. But you know what's not cool? Hijacking that thread without permission. Don't be an ass, don't do it!

How to comment?

The subject line describes your muse to everyone else, so pay a little attention to it and don't forget that the standard scheme might vary depending on the nature of each meme! The most basic subject line looks a little like this:

Name (group/solo/industry) | AU/Non-AU/OC | het/slash/gen/ota

✎ Name (group/solo/industry)
Well, this shouldn't be too hard... Remember that person's name? Good!

✎ AU/Non-AU/OC
This should tell us the setting your muse is in. Is it a non-AU muse? A movie character? Or maybe someone part of an AU home universe? You can even make up your own description (e.g. "Harry Potter bookverse, Ravenclaw" or "bakery assistant" or "general Sci-Fi flavor"), just try to keep it short! Details can always be added with a brief OOC blurb in the comment itself or if there's a more elaborate history to your character, try using a journal with further details in the userinfo or an extra post (this might be helpful for OCs!).

✎ het/slash/gen/any
This your interaction preference. m/f? f/f? m/m? Aliens only? Take your pick. "gen" stands for no smut, no romance. "any" means you take whatever comes your way. Again, use OOC blurbs if there's anything specific (e.g. "het for romance, but ota for anything else" or "open to all, but no smut please!").

✎ ota
= open to all. This signals to everyone else that you are open to replies from muses that are not in the same universe/canon/reality as yours. In other words, your muse might be a non-AU, but that doesn't keep an AU version who has nothing to do with them from replying. It takes a little more imagination and going with the flow, but if you check [community profile] bakerstreet for example, you'll see that it's not that hard!

✎ When you reply to someone, make sure they know what they're getting into! Add the number you got to clarify the scenario somewhere . And if your comment is anonymous, you might want to tell them who's actually replying to them ;D

Got an idea?

We're open to rp memes made by other people, but for the sake of organization and quality control, please PM one of us first to coordinate it. We'll get in touch as soon as possible!

A few general guidelines:
✎ Spare our friends lists, remember to use cuts!
✎ Put up age and trigger warnings if necessary and put anything NSFW behind a cut.
✎ If you use memebells or bakerstreet entry, please be fair and give the necessary credit.

We're also open for non-rp memes (e.g. signals, friending, crit, etc)! ♥ Maybe we can get them all in one place. Contact us!

Visit by our affiliate, [community profile] muselinks, for social media type memes (i.e. signals, friending, HMD, etc) too!

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